Premium pitcher merging ultimate comfort with style. BPA free. 2.4 L. Comes in black and white.


Elemaris XL

Holds 3.4 L and available in white and black.

Marella XL

Holds 3.5 L. BPA Free



Did you know that these are available in the following colours? Perfect to match the interior decor of any space.

  • Red

  • Green

  • White

  • Black

  • Purple (Egg Plant)



MAVEA water filter cartridge with unique MAVEA MAXTRA filtration technology provides cleaner, great-tasting filtered water.

MAVEA water filter cartridge reduces:

  • Chlorine taste and odor and limescale for a great taste of hot and cold drinks,

  • Contaminants such as:

    • heavy metals (like cadmium, copper, mercury),

    • organic impurities (such as benzene, MTBE and tetrchloroethylene)

    • pesticides (e.g atrazine or simazine) for your well being.

Universal Fit


MAVEA offers great value and convenience in a traditional barrel filter format that fits most water filter pitchers with no pre-soaking required. Cartridge has been tested to NSF/ANSI 42 for reduction of Aesthetic Chlorine Taste and Odor.


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