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We are now an “Authorized Tassimo Dealer” Brewer Systems Supplying Beverage Systems to Food Service,
Vending and Office Coffee Service.


Take your favourite disc to work!

AM COFFEE SHACK is proud to bring the beverages you love to your place of work.

Ask us about our Filtered Water products to bring out the flavours hidden by using tap water.


Office Brewers


Tassimo Professional T-300

The Tassimo Professional T-300 brewer is the ultimate in brewing convenience for a large office or workplace.  It has a dual water system that allows the machine to be manually filled or plumbed in to a water source.

Comes with a LCD display and touch button, bar code reading technology, self cleaning steam method that purges the brewing components and the variety to serve various specialty  beverages at the push of a button, the Tassimo T-300 is your perfect choice.




Tassimo T65

The Tassimo Professional T-65 brewer is perfect for the office that desires great specialty beverages but has limited space.  The compact system doesn’t require a water line or additional plumbing.  Just plug it in and begin!  Now you can turn your office into a “mini cafe” for your employees to enjoy.

The T-65 Pro comes with a built in water filter to offer the perfect cup every time, LCD display for easy to follow instructions and the same specialty beverages as the T-300 but with a smaller footprint for greater convenience.


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